Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As Matt said over the weekend, “our home has become a Dave & Busters.” People (mainly kids) stop by for help with homework, to eat snacks, watch movies on the laptop, play UNO, read our magazines and even ask for legal assistance. Although it can get annoying from time to time, it’s fun for the most part. The high school closed yesterday for the term break and the primary school is closed today for Human Rights Day (in recognition of the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, when peaceful protesters were killed, leading to international sanctions against South Africa), so it should be a quiet day.

In other news, we saw a cobra with its neck expanded to form the hood in our yard yesterday. We almost walked right by it without noticing. Instead of being properly freaked out, we ran inside to grab our camera. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), we were unable to find it again when we went back out. Also, Sara saw a large family of baboons on her run yesterday. Usually, our animal viewing is limited to cows and goats (which are everywhere!).

Friday we leave for Pretoria for a week of training. Saturday the 24th marks the one year anniversary of our swearing-in as volunteers, which is hard to believe. So next week is our midpoint training. After training, we leave for a 3-day weekend for the half-marathon, and then we have a week of travelling in Cape Town. In other words, our next three weeks should be, in a word, awesome.

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